Adventure Activities in Nepal

Whether you choose to ballooning, bungy jump, canyon, ice-climb, rock climb, climb trekking peaks, fly over mountains or fly an ultralight, you will find an adventure everyday in Nepal.An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience usually bold , undertaking activities.Adventure activites usually done for fun and relaxation of the mind.The Himalayas have long since held a mysterious attraction to travelers and trekkers alike. In recent years. Now, in this part of the world, you can experience some of the most physically and mentally challenging action sports in an exotic destination.

  • Nepal Tour Package

    Nepal is a popular travel destination in south Asia and has various options for travelers such as trekking in Himalayas, tours, peak climbing , expedition, Jungle safari, rafting , sightseeing tours , Hiking tour etc but limit time travelers or old age travelers (above 60 years old ) travelers has best option day tour in Nepal.

  • Bhote Koshi River Rafting

    Bhote Koshi River Rafting

    Bhote Koshi River rafting is one of the seven most popular white-water rafting rivers in Nepal. The origins of this roaring wall of white water gives the river it’s name; Bhote meaning coming from Tibet and Koshi meaning river, Bhote Koshi, the river that hails from Tibet. The path of this river is the steepest in Nepal creating a virtual year-round torrent that provides some of the most exciting rafting in the world.

  • Paragliding in Nepal

    Paragliding in Nepal

    Soaring through the air and careening through the fluffy cloud layers, like a carefree bird, paragliding is probably Men’s closest chance to experience the sensation of free flight in the […]