The Nagarkot-post

Nagarkot is 32 km NE of Kathmandu on the northern fringe of the Kathmandu Valley. Nagarkot is famous for its Himalayan views- the Himalayan peaks at sunrise are a magnificent sight to behold. Many […]

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The Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna Circuit attracts a relatively high number of trekkers in Nepal. As the name itself suggests, this trail goes on a circuitous route around the entire Annapurna massif, visiting […]

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Pashmina shawls at Kitty Inc.

Pashmina: Cashmere Made in Nepal

Cashmere or Pashmina is a fibre that is extracted from a wool of a Himalayan goat “chyangra” or “Capra Hircus”. It is a breed of goat which is native to […]

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Chhath Puja 2017

One of the most ancient Hindu Vedic festivals is Chhath Puja which is celecrated widely in parts of Terai in Nepal and in many states of India such as UttarPradesh […]

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Nepal Sambat History

This calendar was widely used in official use during the Malla period in Kathmandu valley. After the unification of Nepal, Saka sambat took ground and later on, during the premiership of Chandra […]

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Tihar Facts for Dummies

The festival of lights also known as ‘tihar’,’deepawali’ or ‘diwali’, is the second largest cultural festival for hindus in Nepal. It is a five day festival celebrated in the late […]

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Tihar: A 5 days hindu festival

Tihar‏‏‏‏ is a‏‏‏‏ Hindu Festiva‏‏‏‏l celebra‏‏‏‏ted for five da‏‏‏‏ys which comes right a‏‏‏‏fter Da‏‏‏‏sha‏‏‏‏in. People celebra‏‏‏‏te it a‏‏‏‏s  Diwa‏‏‏‏li across Sri La‏‏‏‏nka‏‏‏‏, India‏‏‏‏ a‏‏‏‏nd Ba‏‏‏‏ngla‏‏‏‏desh with regiona‏‏‏‏l va‏‏‏‏ria‏‏‏‏tion. In like […]

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Fun Facts about Dashain

Despite all the political instability that is going around: Dasain is so in the air. Here are a few interesting facts about Dashain. Ever wondered why we play swings particularly […]

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